Eat This in Montréal

Eat This, Montreal

If you’re a first time visitor, make sure to check out Eat This: An Introduction.

When my friends and I decided to visit Montréal, we expected to see gorgeous old cobblestone streets and hear Canadian French being spoken. What we didn’t expect was how absolutely incredible the Montréal food scene would be. It’s a good thing we walked a lot that trip, because we seriously stuffed our faces with the diverse and delicious food in the beautiful city. I can’t wait to go back!

1. Schwartz’s (Smoked Meat Sandwiches; Lunch/Dinner)

  • Menu: You honestly don’t need this, but here is the menu.
  • Reservations: No – and be prepared to wait in line for at least a half hour.
  • Try: Smoked meat sandwich.
  • Tips: In addition to the smoked meat sandwich, the Montreal version of cherry coke was a favorite at our table. Also, just obey the servers – ours basically just ordered four smoked meat sandwiches for us and we’re so glad we just listened to him. The born-and-bred New Yorker in our group admitted that Schwartz’s was better than Katz’s in Lower East Side, so make sure you get out here.

Smoked meat sandwich | Schwartz’s | Montreal, CA

2.  Mâche! (Comfort Food; Lunch/Dinner)

  • Menu: Mâche! Menu
  • Reservations: No.
  • Try: The pulled pork poutine (à l’Effiloché de porc) and the spicy paté chinois (le “Spicy”).
  • Tips: Come with a friend, or a big group if possible – the food is delicious, but pretty heavy so best if shared. Also, take some time to explore Rue St-Denis when you’re finished eating!
  • Read my Yelp review here.

3. Jean-Talon Market (Market; Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Dessert)

  • Menu: Check out its Yelp page to see all the food here!
  • Reservations: Nope – there are some seating areas both inside and around the market, but it gets crowded!
  • Try:  The tacos near the seating area are amazing, as are the gigantic empanadas. If you love oysters, the crew at La Boîte Aux Huîtres is incredibly kind and knowledgeable.
  • Tips: Pace yourself as you eat your way through. Try fresh gooseberries from the fruit sellers if you’ve never had them. Stroll around to check out all the colorful vegetables, and keep your ears out for the occasional street musicians!

4. Pho Tay Ho (Vietnamese; Lunch/Dinner)

  • Menu: Pho Tay Ho Menu
  • Reservations: No.
  • Try: The raw beef salad (bo tai chanh), the pho, any of the gigantic rice vermicelli platters.
  • Tips: Expect a line here. The food is absolutely delicious and portions are HUGE, so come hungry. Seriously the best Vietnamese I’ve had outside of Vietnam.
  • Read my Yelp review here.

Rice Vermicelli Platter | Pho Tay Ho | Montreal, CA

5. La Panthère Verte (Vegan; Lunch/Dinner/Dessert)

  • Menu: La Panthère Verte Menu
  • Reservations: No.
  • Try: Traditional falafel sandwich.
  • Tips: I’m one of those people who swears by meat and needs it for almost every single meal. La Panthère Verte – The Green Panther in English – is one of those places that make it possible for me to enjoy a meatless meal. The food is also local, and the restaurants (multiple locations) are designed to be sustainable, so check out your surroundings!



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