Boracay 1-Day Itinerary: White Beach Day


Walking: Low || Good For: Families || Price Range: $

Breakfast: Calamansi Muffin (and coffee, of course). Whether you’re staying at Station 1, Station 2, or Station 3, you’re probably only a few minutes away from the beach. Grab a bite to go at Real Coffee & Tea Cafe, famous for their calamansi muffins (an orange-like citrus), and maybe some coffee if you need it. These sometimes run out later in the day, so best to go early!


Morning: Beach lounging. You’re on the whitest of white beaches, with the bluest of blue water. Need I say more?

Lunch: D’Talipapa Market. Once you drag yourself away from the towel in search of food, head on over to this seafood market. Luckily for you, it’s also near Station 2 and there are signs everywhere pointing to it. Here, you can purchase some fresh, huge seafood – but beware this can easily become an overwhelming experience, particularly if you’re not familiar with Asian food markets. A lot of the stalls sell similar items, so make sure you walk around and bargain for the best price. Once you’ve chosen your goods, take them to any of the local restaurants nearby – they’ll weigh your food and cook it for you on the spot!


Afternoon: More beach lounging. I mean, why else did we come to Boracay? Just kidding. In all seriousness, though, enjoy the white sands and clear water while they still last – because according to locals, increased tourism has sadly been slowly destroying the once pristine beaches. Random tip: beware of taking photos of the “Boracay” sandcastles, like below:


Right after I took this photo, I was ambushed by a small child demanding that I pay him 10 pesos for taking the photo because he had worked hard to build the sandcastle. 10 pesos isn’t a big deal, but just be warned that the kids will be hovering nearby demanding payment for your snapping a simple photo.


Late Afternoon: Milkshake break! Thankfully the sun sets late in Boracay, which means you’ll have plenty of time in the late afternoon to go and grab a fruit milkshake from Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar. The shakes come in plastic water bottles with lids on them. The watermelon is great, as is the mango – or any combination involving the two. There’s an extensive menu for the shakes, so order one to go and get ready to watch the sunset back on the beach!



Dinner: Tapas at Dos Mestizos. You might want to head over to Dos Mestizos on the earlier side, as it gets pretty crowded – we had to put our name down and come back nearly an hour and a half later. Enjoy different tapas dishes such as octopus, croquettes, or chorizo and enjoy a few drinks as you wind down your White Beach day in Boracay. Life is tough, isn’t it?



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