Eat This: An Introduction

Eat This

Welcome! Eat This is a section of my website I’ve created with a personal list of restaurant and food recommendations (hover over the “Food” tab on the main menu to find this page).

I will be the first to say that I do not have a refined taste. I love food – no, I love many foods. And I’m one of those people who thinks everything tastes good, who can’t tell the difference between two different types of chili, who thinks anything tastes better with truffle – like I said, I do not have a refined taste.

That being said, I do of course still judge the restaurants I go to. And I have menu items that I like more than others – for example, I absolutely love meat and need it with most of my meals. As someone who’s been lucky enough to have eaten in a variety of cities, I’m excited to share my own favorite places to eat.

You’ll notice that Eat This is organized by city. I’ve tried to keep my recommendations at 5 places per city, because I’ve often noticed for myself that I’m overwhelmed when I have too many choices. Yes, I have eaten at 100% of the places that I recommend – and more. I will occasionally update the pages if I try a new restaurant that edges out an existing one.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like any additional recommendations, and enjoy eating!

Shrimp and Grits.JPG

Shrimp and Grits | Edgehill Cafe | Nashville, TN


P.S. Generally speaking, I value the following when I judge a restaurant, so keep this in mind as you consider my recommendations:

  • Interesting ingredients. Given that I don’t have refined taste, I’m not one who can appreciate that so-and-so makes the best fried chicken around – because all fried chickens will taste similar to me. However, if said fried chicken is served with cool ingredients that I’ve never really gotten to taste before, then we’re talking.
  • Value Proposition. One of the topics I blog about is saving money, so you can bet that I will be judging my dining experience on whether it’s really worth the money. Going to a restaurant and overpaying for a boring, simple meal is one of the worst experiences I could have. I also tend to shy away from ordering carbs (i.e. fried rice, noodles) because I know in my head how ridiculous the markup is for something that’s mostly made of such a cheap staple.

Conversely, here are things I don’t really think about in my dining experience:

  • Drinks. I’m not a huge alcohol drinker and will not pretend to know anything about beer, wine, or anything alcoholic.
  • Cleanliness. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. If the food’s good, I don’t really care if it’s in a gross little alley. Food poisoning? Shrugged off in 24 hours. Remember that Per Se in New York once got a C rating – but who cares? The restaurant is probably still amazing.