Eat This in New York City (Manhattan)

Eat This, New York

If you’re a first time visitor, make sure to check out Eat This: An Introduction.

I spent my first two years of post-college life in the Big Apple, and recently went back for a quick visit. Aside from wandering my lovely old neighborhood of Long Island City and enjoying the Cats on Broadway, we wanted to make sure to eat some of the great food Manhattan has to offer – but it was so hard to choose. There’s pretty much no way to keep the list to five here, but I have to. As always, feel free to comment if you have any questions!

1. The Halal Guys (Food Truck/Mediterranean; Lunch/Dinner)

  • Menu: The Halal Guys Menu
  • Reservations: Nah – this place started out as a food truck!
  • Try: The Chicken and Gyro combo platter.
  • Tips: That red hot sauce is seriously no joke. I say this as someone who freaking loves spicy food – go easy on it, because it could easily ruin the rest of your meal if you go overboard.

2. The Meatball Shop (Meatballs/Italian/American; Lunch/Dinner)

  • Menu: The Meatball Shop Menu
  • Reservations: Nope – be prepared to wait at prime times!
  • Try: The Kitchen Sink. And make sure to leave room for a giant ice cream sandwich at the end!
  • Tips: See above re: amazing ice cream sandwiches. There are so many different ways you can have your meatballs – just mark what you want on the dry-erase laminated menus on the table.
  • Read my Yelp review here.

3. Artichoke Pizza (Pizza; Lunch/Dinner)

  • Menu: Artichoke Pizza Menu
  • Reservations: Nah. Grab your slice, eat and go!
  • Try: The Artichoke Pizza, obviously.
  • Tips: Slices are huge, so if you’re not a big eater you may be better off sharing!

Artichoke Pizza | Artichoke Pizza | New York, NY

4. BCD Tofu House (Korean; Lunch/Dinner)

  • Menu: BCD Tofu House Menu
  • Reservations: No. Oh New York. Yes, there are lines.
  • Try: Soon Tofu, Pajeon, any of the meats
  • Tips: The banchan (side dishes) are free refill aside from the fried fish, so eat away! Be sure to crack in the raw egg while the soup is still bubbling hot.

5. Two Little Red Hens (Bakery; Breakfast/Coffee/Dessert)

  • Menu: Two Little Red Hens Menu
  • Reservations: Nah – just a cute little bakery, with a couple tables for coffee-goers.
  • Try: Coffee Cake, Key Lime Pie Cupcake, Cheesecake.
  • Tips: Lines form here at all times of day and the best bakery items can run out, so try to go on the earlier side if you can!