Website: The Flight Deal


Sometimes on days when I feel whimsical and spontaneous (and, let’s be honest, also on days when I’m just bored), I head over to check out The Flight Deal. Honestly, I only use one part of the website: the first tab, “Flight Deals.” But that’s really all I need for this to be one of my favorite airfare-finding websites!

To me, there are three advantages of The Flight Deal:

  1. You can filter by the city you’re based in (or looking to fly out of);
  2. You might consider cities you hadn’t necessarily thought of going to;
  3. You will find awesome deals on flights (obviously).

Now, this website is clearly different from your typical flight-searching websites: you don’t search by the date and place you want to go – so if you’re looking to book flights for specific events or holidays, this probably isn’t the site you want to use.

If, however, you’re thinking about where to vacation next year and don’t really have anywhere specific in mind, The Flight Deal is a perfect website to give you some ideas. To start all you do is select the city you’ll be flying out of:


I’m based in Chicago, so I usually click “Chicago” to check out all the airfare deals that leave out of Chicago.

Once you’ve selected the page for your city, you’ll see a list of flights and prices, as well as the dates they were posted. Be warned that most of these deals are pretty fleeting – they’ll usually last maybe a couple of days. Clicking into the specific flight will give you details on how to book: more often than not, you have to go to the airline’s website or search on ITA Matrix (more on that later) to get the flight you want.

Summary: If you have flexible dates and flexible location, The Flight Deal is an awesome way to find great savings on airfare, both domestic and international!